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As endorsed by the National Committee on Pest Control


Lice often feed and breed on human scalp, especially those of children’s. They quickly transfer from one person to another, causing outbreaks in households, schools, and close-knit communities. According to a joint study by the Department of Education and the University of the Philippines, head lice infestations ranked as the second most common health problem among public school children after tooth decay.


Though many head lice treatments exist in the market today, most contain pesticides that may harm or irritate the skin and cause various side effects. Antilisa Head Lice Treatment is a safe yet effective alternative. Its main ingredient, neem oil (azadirachta indica), eliminates head lice by inhibiting the insects’ ability to feed. Antilisa is also effective against scabies (galis-aso) and is safe on humans, including children.


Ingredients: Coffee, capsicum, neem oil

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