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Belman Laboratories is proudly dedicated in providing both excellent products, and proper guidance to all of our aspiring raisers out there.


Belman's Ask Your Vet program provides free online guides and manuals, local seminars, and also online consultations with a real veterinarian!



Seminars & Training

Find out when seminars and training sessions will be conducted in your area by our trained veterinary experts. 


Find Schedules Here

Contact Your Vet

Click the image to talk to our Vet online in our online Q&A forums!


You can also contact your vet through the following hotlines:


+63917 530.65.28 (Globe)


+63908 886.77.47 (Smart)


+63932 843.06.82 (Sun)


+632 712.02.01 (Landline)



Mga Gabay


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