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Through its sustained local market growth and first-rate product lines, Belman Laboratories seeks to transform into a world-class pharmaceutical and chemical company admired for its excellence and efficiency.




Belman Laboratories manufactures, imports and distributes high quality animal health, personal care, chemical and glassware products. The company relies on exceptional production processes, constant technological upgrades and reliable import sources to earn the unwavering trust and quality preference of its customers.





Public Service. We are committed to serving the nation and fuelling its progress.


Customer Satisfaction. We will satisfy customer needs and exceed expectations on product quality and service.


Employee Competence. We will train and develop each employee to bring out their full potential.


Management Leadership. We will expect management to steer the company to greater achievements and to set the pace in workplace excellence.


Supplier Partnership. We will strengthen our relationship with suppliers and respect them as vital partners to business success.


Shareholder Growth. We will strive to grow the wealth of our shareholders through exceptional corporate output and performance.

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