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Parasiticides; Internal:


PIDRO WORM KILLER (view tv ad here)


Contains Piperazine Dihydrochloride, the safest non-toxic anthelminthic for the treatment of roundworms and nodular worms in both swine and poultry. Promotes normal growth rate in animals by eliminating nutrient competitors and improving feed conversion.




For the control and removal of parasites in swine, poultry, cattle, carabao, sheep, and goats. Contains Levamisole, a potent dewormer that possesses a broad spectrum of activity against a wide range of adult and immature parasites of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. It acts as a ganglionic stimulant of the nematode nerve leading to neuromuscular paralysis of the parasite. It has also been found to possess immuno-stimulant effects on immunologically incompetent animals by restoring the number of T-lymphocytes to normal when these are depleted. 


PPT CAPLETS (view tv ad here)


A safe, quick-acting, and broad spectrum dewormer specially formulated for fighting cocks, turkeys, and other prize fowl. Contains Piperazine, Phenothiazine, and Niclosamide for the explusion of roundworms, cecal worms, and pathogenic tapeworms. Improves feed conversion and promotes rapid weight gain in fighting cocks. 


Parasiticides; External:




A non-toxic herbal insecticide shampoo specially formulated for fighting cocks. With a unique herbal blend of soluble coffee, capsicum, and neem to prevent and expel mites, fleas, ticks, and lice. Also makes feathers cleaner, glossier, and healthier.


PET SOCIETY SHAMPOO & SOAP (view ad here) (view infographic)


A safe yet effective herbal insecticide shampoo and soap for household pets such as dogs and puppies. Its non-toxic herbal blend of coffee, neem, and capsicum is gentle on pets and humans, but tough on external parasites such as fleas, ticks (garapata), flies, and mites. Pet Society also prevents a variety of skin infections (caused by fungus, bacteria, and yeast), helps keep pet odor to a minimum, and conditions the coat. Pet Society shampoo has a special anti-garapata formula with its higher concentration of herbal extracts. Pet Society soap is great for everyday use on pets to maintain the healthy condition of their fur and coat. 




A non-irritating germicidal wash, deodorant, and parasite repellant for dogs, cats, and chickens. Minimizes “doggy” odor, reduces skin surface bacteria, and improves the luster of your pet’s coat.



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