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Water Solubles:Vitamins and Minerals






With superdose vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) to help develop healthy blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins in the body. Also helps with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Recommended for fighting cocks, racing pigeons, dogs, and cats.




Contains calcium for normal bone development and essential vitamin D3 for the proper deposition and utilization of calcium. Also strengthens muscle tone, and improves the flexibility of wings in fighting cocks. Helps prevent and treat hip dysplasia, rickets osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and other related calcium imbalances in dogs, cats, and exotic birds.




With vitamins B-complex and B12, minerals, brewer’s yeast, plus ascorbic acid to stimulate appetite, aid digestion and the metabolism of nutrients, and help improve strength and stamina. 




A complete and well-balanced mixture of 22 essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet. Contains vitamin A for the integrity of mucous membranes, vitamin D for proper growth of bones and muscles, and vitamin B-complex for appetite stimulation. An excellent source of energy and nutrition for dogs and cats. Strengthens the leg and wing muscles of fighting cocks and enhances their fighting prowess.


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A power-packed multivitamin capsule specially formulated to help unleash the greater warrior in fighting cocks. With ginseng plus vitamin B-complex to revitalize muscles and nerves for increased alertness and faster reflexes. Contains nicotinic acid, vitamins E and C, and brewer’s yeast for greater staying power, increased physical endurance and stamina, plus a strong immune system. Also recommended for dogs and cats. 







A calcium and magnesium-infused injectable treatment for various forms of calcium and magnesium deficiencies such as: osteomalacia, milk fever, eclampsia and spasmophilia, grass tetany, and agalactia in lactating animals. Also contains dextrose as a source of energy in debilitating states. Can likewise be used to treat poisoning from DDT, chlordane and organo-phosphates and also uterine inertia in parturtient animals. Recommended for cattle, horses, swine, and other animals.




An immediate cure for cases of hypocalcemia in cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and fowl. Also participates in calcium metabolism and contains borogluconate as a good source of energy. 


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An injectable with superdose vitamin B12 to prevent anemia, attendant weakness, and neurological symptoms in all species of animals. Also used to improve blood circulation and proper tissue oxygenation.




A sterile aqueous solution of high potency B-complex vitamins to aid appetite stimulation, digestion, and the metabolism of nutrients in all species of animals. Also contains vitamin B12 to promote blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. Vetcombex is recommended for use in tandem with RedBik-Tylo injectable solution for healthier and faster-growing 3-day old piglets.




An injectable loaded with health-boosting vitamins A, D, and E for swine, cattle, horses, calves, foal, sheep, goats, piglets, dogs, cats, and fighting cocks.Vitamin A plays an essential role in reproduction and resistance against infections and parasites. It also promotes the normal development of bones, optimal vision, and integrity and development of mucous membranes (alimentary, genital, urinary, respiratory, and fertility). Vitamin D3 plays a significant role in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus; beginning from their absorption in the intestines, maintaining the specific blood levels activating the phosphates enzymes, to the deposition of these minerals into bone tissues. Because of its major contributions to the health of bones, vitamin D3 is often called the antirachitic factor. Vitamin E protects the liver and guards metabolism against oxidative destruction. It is required for normal reproduction performance in females and normal spermatogenesis in males. 




A rapidly absorbed iron dextran supplement for the safe, effective prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Also aids in stimulation of tissue enzymes and replenishes iron stores. RedBik Iron is also indicated when other diseases increase the destruction or loss of hemoglobin, which lead to anemic conditions. Used for piglets, sow, calves, and lamb.


REDBIK-TYLO INJECTABLE (view tv ad here) (view infographic)


An injectable with the unique formula of iron dextran and tylosin tartrate to prevent anemia, pneumonia, and scouring in young animals such as piglets and calves.



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