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A vitamin-mineral-antibiotic feed supplement with growth-enhancing penicillin, lysine, and methionine for swine and poultry of all ages.




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A feed supplement power-packed with multivitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Promotes normal, healthy growth in all domestic animals. Increases egg production, hatchability, and viability of young chicks. Increases viability, fertility, and meat production in swine and cattle.






A feed supplement with 97% Dicalcium phosphate, and other essential vitamins and minerals to prevent and treat rickets in young animals, osteoporosis in adult animals, calcium tetany and milk fever in lactating animals, and fertility problems in breeder animals. For swine, poultry, cattle, horses, dogs, and cats.






A broad spectrum antibiotic feed supplement with chlortetracycline, penicillin, and sulfadiazine to suppress bacteria that interfere with the absorption of nutrients and prevent subclinical infections. For swine and poultry.






A swine feed supplement with the complete daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, including superdose Zinc Bacitracin, for faster weight gain and less feed wastage. Leaves no meat residue and does not create any resistance or cross-resistance problems. For healthier, faster-growing pigs.





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A feed supplement with growth-enhancing micronutrients such as Zinc Bacitracin for chickens. Promotes faster weight gain, minimizes heat stress, reduces feed wastage. Also leaves no meat residue and does not require a pre-slaughter withdrawal period.



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