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Kusina Klassics: Kalamansi Squeeze


Our flagship and best-selling product. Made with the best locally grown Kalamansi, and produced using our award winning formula.

Make your own refreshing Kalamansi juice, or use in your recipes, our versatile product is an indespensible component to a Filipino kitchen.

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Kusina Klassics: Kalamansi Jelly


Kalamasi jelly made with all natural, high quality ingredients. With the same outstanding quality as our flagship product; Kusina Klassics: Kalamansi Jelly is definitely a must-try!

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Industrial Sizes


Our Calamansi extracts have limitless uses both as a kitchen component, and an industrial ingredient. If you need the best quality Calamansi juice for your production, give us a call so we can work something out, we are always 100% dedicated to give all our clients complete satisfaction in our products.


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